Art Commissions & Design

Art and Design in the built environment has and will always remain core to the organisation’s business objectives. The Arts Team plays a vital role in a number of on-going capital projects across the hospital.

Experts in the specialism of art and design for healthcare, we are recognised for our quality service by external organisations and the community that we serve and constantly ensure that the art service is in line with the Trust Policies and Five Year Plan.

Paramount to our success is integration – we regularly work alongside health service organisations and other arts agencies within the community to develop joint arts projects. We strive for an inclusive approach encouraging stakeholders to try new ideas, discuss problems and solutions so in turn they can co-design their own healthcare environments through meaningful participation.

2016 and Beyond

Improving patient and staff environment with art and design commissioning for RUH new builds and refurbishment   RNHRD AND THERAPIES CENTRE RUH Art and Design manager Hetty Dupays is working closely with IBI Interior Designer Lynn Lindley to create an overarching scheme that will combine the classic and contemporary, creating crisp clean lines combined with the warmth […]

Past Projects

Admission to hospital can be distressing for anyone, especially those with dementia, but appropriately designed surroundings can reduce this.