pARTicipate: MUSIC


The Soundbite Music Programme brings a varied line-up of music to patients, staff and visitors at the RUH; this involves live musical performances as well as interactive music visits for patients. Soundbite aims to create an uplifting and positive environment for patients, visitors and staff, creating long-lasting relationships between the RUH and the wider community.

In 2021 we were able to programme a few music performances outside with Live Music Now but in 2022 we reached more patients, firstly in courtyards and outside spaces before returning to ward areas and public spaces in the hospital.

“You’ve made my week” Dermatology consultant

 “Thank you that was beautiful” Visitor

“Thank you so much, I can hear it in my office and it’s really cheered me up” Staff member

Through the Soundbite Programme we aim to increase access to musical provision across the RUH community; improve the well-being of patients, staff and visitors at the RUH, and to provide students and emerging musicians with the opportunity to gain experience of music facilitation and performance in a health care setting.

Josh Doughty performing on a beautiful Kora (West African Harp) in a RUH courtyard for patients and staff, Summer 2021

We started a new programme of live music from May 2022 and our Musician in Residence, Frankie Simpkins returned to wards in September. Frankie generally visits older patient wards when possible but offers visits to other patients all around the hospital. She delivers musical interactions and performances with patients and staff, using voice and ukulele. Frankie is very experienced working in a hospital setting, and is sensitive to performing in a busy ward environment. She ensures to work around medical staff carrying out their tasks, whilst creating a calm and uplifted atmosphere for them to work in.

The Soundbite Performance programme is generously funded by the Joyce Fletcher Charitable Trust.

“Great to see you even from a huge distance. Lovely seeing people in the coffee shop leaning over the fence to watch. Made my day!” Staff member

The patient’s enjoy singing and listening to Frankie the most out of all activities offered on the ward. Always lifts the patient’s mood and they look forward to seeing her again!” Staff Member