Temporary Exhibitions

*Please check our @artatruh social media pages for latest exhibition updates.

The RUH has one of Bath’s largest and most accessible exhibition spaces, open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. The hospital exhibits a variety of work by both amateur and professional artists, and arts organisations, in order to enhance the environment and improve the experience for patients, staff and visitors.

In addition to the public areas, we sell and arrange artwork  for display in wards and departments. A third from all sales made goes to the RUH Arts Fund, helping to continue the work we do for the Trust.

Please note if you are interested in purchasing an artwork check out our ‘Buy an Artwork’ page to see our art catalogues.

There is also price and contact information by every picture on display at the hospital. Contact Exhibitions Manager, Tony Smith: tonysmith3@nhs.net or 07768 070403 if you would like to buy an artwork.

Our aim is to ensure that the quality of artwork and framing throughout the Trust is of a consistent high quality. We rarely buy artwork for public spaces, saving money for the Trust whilst keeping the displays fresh and dynamic. At any one time the total value of artwork on display in public areas is around £200,000, providing a substantial asset for the hospital and all who enjoy the pieces.

Current Exhibitions

*Please check our @artatruh social media pages for latest exhibition updates. In the course of the year we expect to show around 800 artworks in our temporary displays. Our temporary exhibitions also serve another important purpose in helping us to raise funds through the artist donations we make on sales. The Central Corridor is the … Continue reading Current Exhibitions

First Floor Gallery

The Littleton Wood Barn Series and The White Horses, Nick Cudworth Zone B The Littleton Wood Barn series by Nick Cudworth shows 4 seasons, painted from the same view point and a selection of 4 White Horses from the Nine White Horse series. The white horses on Alton Barnes, Devizes, Cherhill and Hackpen can be … Continue reading First Floor Gallery

Second Floor Gallery

Bath Artist Printmakers View all artworks available for sale in this exhibition in the art catalogue below: To buy an artwork please contact our Exhibitions Manager, Tony  tonysmith3@nhs.net or 07768 070403 Bath Artist Printmakers have been a part of the cultural life of the city since its foundation in 1984. The second floor gallery is a permanent exhibition space … Continue reading Second Floor Gallery

Third Floor Gallery

Mark Sands Zone B 59 With an international track record as a Painter of Private and Public Space paintings, Trompe l’oeil’s and Murals, Mark’s clients include Gordon Ramsey, English Heritage, National Trust and the Queen of England. Born in Compton Dando near Bath, Mark is an accomplished painter whose work can be seen from street walls to public … Continue reading Third Floor Gallery

Circle Bath Hospital

The expertise and knowledge of our Art team is expanding its role and providing services across the wider community, including a contract to provide exhibitions at  Circle Bath Hospital twice a year. Landscape View all artworks on display in this exhibition at Circle Bath Hospital in the art catalogue below: To buy an artwork please contact tonysmith3@nhs.net or 07768 070403  A … Continue reading Circle Bath Hospital