PET/CT: RUH Radiography Department

A PET/CT scanner has been installed within a purpose built suite encased with lead lined walls within the Radiography Department. This facility will transform cancer diagnosis at the RUH as well as diagnosing dementia conditions including Alzheimer’s.


The environment needeKaty McIntyre Brown-1d to be carefully designed for that the patient as it can be a stressful experience for a patient to go through. We commissioned a series of bespoke vinyl wallpaper designs by Katy McIntyre Brown for each Patient Bay to coordinate with the feature wall colours and they were designed purposefully not to be too ‘busy’ in order to minimise brain activity and not over stimulate the patient.

They have to wait in a side bay on their own for an hour prior to the scan and it’s important to remain relaxed and very still in order for the procedure to work effectively. The individual colour and wallpaper design for each Bay also helps the patient to navigate to and from the scanner room unaided.


A six 6 panelled lit ceiling by Sky Inside UK was installed above the PET CT scanner adds another dimension to the room and helps to distract the patient whilst undergoing their scan. Including artwork into the design, such as these wallpapers and the sky ceiling has been shown to improve the patient experience by alleviating anxiety and stress and acting as a distraction. Staff and patients alike are amazed that the whole department, lined with lead brick, could exude such a gentle and comforting aura.