Pathology Laboratory Placement

A Study of Histology
by Elske Carels-Watson, Bio-Artist

As a studying artist in Bio-art, Elske is fascinated by microbiology and the correlation of structures that make up the human body, equally she is fascinated by diseases and the effects it has on the human body. During her placement at the RUH, Elske wished to create a piece of artwork for the hospital inspired by the hospital itself.

A Study of Histology is a textile piece created through layering dying and manipulating fabric resembling that of disease in the human body. Elske used calico material which is a natural material as a base as it absorbs dyes well and can be manipulated easily. The calico was infiltrated with drips of paraffin wax then dyed with natural blue dye this technique is called Batique and resembled the wax and dyes used in the pathology lab to create samples.

The second layer is embellished organza, organza is a fine iridescent material which resembled neurons. This top layer is embellished to create raised circular shapes suggesting a cellular structure found in the brain. A Study of Histology will be returning to its permanent home in the Pathology Laboratory in October.