In October 2015, the RUH started work on the construction of our new pharmacy facility. This marked another milestone in the Trust’s Fit for the Future programme, as we work to transform our estate and further improve the services we provide.

Staff moved in to the new Pharmacy building in early 2017.


New location, improved facilities, future focused…
The project team worked closely with staff and pharmacy users during the design process, to make sure our new pharmacy best meets the needs of patients and staff. As part of this process Art at the Heart led consultation workshops with staff to gage their impressions for suggested colour schemes to include feature walls, flooring, impact panelling and furniture. This is a very sterile area but we want to try and soften the internal working areas with sensitive and imaginative additions of colour and also art.

Part of the AATH ran a series of workshops with staff as well as thoughts towards an arts
commission, which staff agreed should relate to the natural world and Pharmaceutical
Research. This led to a commission with artist Dr Michele Whiting, whose suite of four drawings represent aspects of current research at Bath University with plants including the daffodil, as points of departure. Dr Whiting was supported by Dr Sarah Bailey, Prof Stephen Husbands, and Dr Lorenzo Caggian, Researchers at the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology at Bath University.

The finished building is bright and airy; it has a contemporary feel with accents of colour for walls and floors. The large scale series of artworks will add a unique asset to the department.

Pharmacy Artworks

Laboratory Drawings: Works on Paper 150cm x 100cm by Dr Michele Whiting