Mortuary & Viewing Room

The building work for this 3 storey Pathology Laboratory is now well and under way and due for completion at the end of the year. It will house the Mortuary and Chapel of Rest along with a private garden.

Particular attention has been given towards this environment for bereaved families and Art at the Heart worked with staff members from the mortuary and the chaplain to agree a design scheme which incorporates colour, furnishings, bier cover and artwork.

Hetty worked with Bronwen Gwillim, former arts manager for Art for Life at Musgrove Park, who is currently studying for a Master’s degree in textile and surface design at Bath Spa University.

Bronwen produced mood boards for the artwork and colour schemes in consultation with Hetty and the mortuary projects team. Bronwen has designed and produced 5 etched glass window panels inspired by which will allow light but importantly privacy for this sensitive area. The design is inspired by the theme of the circle of life and the changing seasons. It represents blossom falling and gently floating on water.

It is intended that this will emphasise a visual link with the avenue of ornamental pear trees running along the outside the windows. Two paintings for the realtives waiting area and a light backed artwork for the viewing room have also been designed.

ASG member Shelia Day sadly passed away last year and generously left us in her will a larger than life size mosaic figure called Conception and this will be recessed into the wall of the main building next to the entrance to Chapel of Rest.