Up-and-coming Exhibitions

Central Gallery (Zone B)

Shades of Green: 12th May – 25th July 2022

An Art Project curated by Sandra Higgins

This Exhibition is inspired by the Somerset Landscape near the picturesque village of Englishcombe just outside of Bath. It gathers together a specially selected group of artists, intentionally diverse in their practices, and asks each to respond to the same landscape view through their own personal reaction after visiting the location. This concept was conceived during the first lockdown in the UK over a year ago now and continues to grow.

The artists range from abstract to figurative, surreal and pop, thus the exhibition will be as much a study of their individual artistic relationship with nature as the depiction of it through the works they create.

The artists participating include: John Ball; Day Bowman; Louisa Burnett-Hall; Iain Cotton; David Ferry; Pete Hoida; Timothy Emlyn Jones; Marguerite Horner; Susan McDonald; Fiona McIntyre; Roy Osborne; David Walsh and Richard Walker.

In conjunction with the Shades of Green Project, there will be an edited exhibition from the Tree Hugging Challenge of over 120 fellow tree lover’s from around the world.

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