Up-and-coming Exhibitions

Central Gallery (Zone B): From 3rd MAY 2019

Genius Loci – Sense of a Place

The title of this exhibition is taken from the Latin term genius loci, the guardian spirit or soul of a place. In contemporary use, genius loci often refers to a location’s distinctive character or atmosphere; the impression that it makes on the mind. In other words, the sense of a place. Every location has its own unique qualities, not only in terms of its physical aspects, but also in the way it is perceived, thought of or used. We associate different feelings with the sea, woodlands, open vistas or small details that abound in nature. Each of these can be thought of as having different genius loci, a certain spiritual quality.

The exhibition brings together works of five contemporary photographers, Sue Bishop, Benjamin Graham, Marianthi Lainas, Vanda Ralevska and Linda Wevill. The common denominator for all five artists is their endeavour to capture the distinctive atmosphere and experience of a place they find themselves in; the special times when one feels to be in touch with the essence of the surrounding world, genius loci.

Gulls & Breakwater Marker at Dawn by Benjamin Graham






Ladybird by Sue Bishop