The RUH has one of Bath’s most accessible exhibition spaces, open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. The hospital provides space for both amateur and professional artists, and arts organisations, to exhibit their work in a different environment and contribute to improving the lives of up to 200,000 people every year.

In addition to the public areas, we sell and arrange commission of artwork for display in wards and departments. Our aim is to ensure that the quality of artwork and framing throughout the Trust is of a consistent high quality.

We rarely buy artwork for public spaces, saving money for the Trust whilst keeping the displays fresh and dynamic. At any one time the total value of artwork on display in public areas is around £200,000, providing a substantial asset for the hospital and all who enjoy the pieces.

Up-and-coming Exhibitions

CENTRAL GALLERY  20th October 2017 – 18th January 2018   RUH Staff & Volunteer Exhibition 2017  A fantastic showcase of the RUH Staff’s artistic talents will be on display for the RUH Staff and Volunteer Exhibition 2017. Staff members from a range of departments – Maternity, Estates, Pathology, Therapies and ward volunteers to name a […]

Current Exhibitions

In the course of the year we expect to show around 800 artworks in our temporary displays. Our temporary exhibitions also serve another important purpose in helping us to raise funds through the artist donations we make on sales. The Central Corridor is the showcase exhibition space and provides a continuous display that changes four […]

Permanent Collection

The Atrium and upper floors of the hospital display artwork on a longer term basis; these are generally obtained by donation, commission or long term loan and are also available for sale. These include the internal and external courtyards throughout the hospital which showcase a range of 3-Dimensional pieces so that a glance outside the […]


We are proud to announce that the expertise and knowledge of our Art team is expanding its role and providing services across the wider community, including a contract to provide exhibitions at CircleBath twice a year. 12th May 2017 – End of October 2017   The Transformed Land The Transformed Land collects work from various artists […]