Rite of Spring

Sebastian Smith has kindly donated his striking 24ft wide painting, Rite of Spring, to the Royal United Hospital collection for permanent display. The painting was completed in six hours in front of an audience to the music of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring masterpiece, for an exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, in February 2011.

The result is a calming yet energetic artwork, well suited to a hospital environment.

Three Views of Wiltshire

Anna Simmons has painted Three Views of Wiltshire including: Roundway Hill near Devizes, Martinsell Hill near Calne and Woodborough Hill near Woodborough.

This is a long term loan from Dr Carol Peden; she bought all three paintings for the RUH collection in memory of her husband Robin Smith, who was Consultant Surgeon at the RUH for 20 years.

Archive: Journey

We are very sorry to say goodbye (for now) to ‘Journey’, the aerial sculpture by Edwina Bridgeman. ‘Journey’ was the very first artwork to be commissioned by Art at the Heart of the RUH 19 years ago and celebrated the opening of Central RUH, including the Atrium. 

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It has been removed in order to make safety repairs to the glazed roof and cannot be re-installed as an aerial piece but we will look to find an alternative method of installation which may entail a new location in order to meet fire safety requirements along with easier access for cleaning or maintenance. It has been carefully lowered and removed, and packed for storage. 

Providing entertainment, as well as being uplifting, we hope that this piece has been a symbol of hope for visitors, patients and staff, on their own personal journeys.