Central Gallery

The Central Gallery is situated in Zone B on the Ground Floor, left and right of the main atrium.


View the fantastic selection of artwork all created by RUH Staff and Volunteers in our Online Gallery via Flickr:

RUH Staff & Volunteer Exhibition 2020: Online Art Gallery

Following postponement from earlier this year, a fantastic showcase of the RUH Staff’s artistic talents is now on display for the RUH Staff and Volunteer Exhibition 2020.

Staff members from a range of departments – Maternity, Estates, Respiratory, Therapies and ward volunteers to name a few, have taken part by exhibiting mediums such as photography, painting and mixed media.

With over 4,800 staff and volunteers at the RUH, there is a great pool of artistic talent revealed. Art at the Heart supports these abilities and have encouraged staff and volunteers to share their work with other staff and members of the public by holding this exhibition.

A call for interest was made earlier in the year to see how many staff members and volunteers would like to take part and by receiving a successful response, we are thrilled to be running the RUH Staff and Volunteer Exhibition for a fourth time.

All artworks are for sale with a third going to the RUH Arts Fund to benefit patients, staff and visitors.


View all artworks on display in this exhibition in the photography catalogue below:

To buy an artwork please contact tonysmith3@nhs.net or 07768 070403 

A third of every artwork sold goes to the RUH Arts Fund to continue the exhibition programme for patients, staff and visitors.

These photographs are a record of a year’s overland journey through Mexico (4½ months), Belize/Guatemala/El Salvador/Honduras/Nicaragua/Costa Rica/Panama (4 months), Colombia (2 months), and Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands (6 weeks).

Sue and Alan Brook who made this trip in a Land Rover with a roof-top tent both have reason to be grateful for excellent treatment received at the RUH, and are therefore very happy to support Art at the Heart.

The trip included the longest zip wire in South America over the Copper Canyon in Mexico, time spent with the Embera Indians in the Darian Gap (Accessed by a two day canoe journey) and many jungle shrouded Mayan ruins.

Being retired Sue and Alan are free to follow their dreams wherever they may take them.


View all artworks on display in this exhibition in the photography catalogue below:

To buy an artwork please contact tonysmith3@nhs.net or 07768 070403 

A third of every artwork sold goes to the RUH Arts Fund to continue the exhibition programme for patients, staff and visitors.

Dean and Helen McLachlan are Bath locals who dream about photographing wildlife every single day.

Dean’s love for animals started at a young age, as he was born in Africa and grew up wanting to be a wildlife game ranger. Unfortunately his family circumstances changed and at the age of 19, he moved to the UK, where his African dreams slowly faded away.

Fast forward 15 years and Dean is married to Helen – Bath born and bred, who like him, has a love for photography. That love of photography went ‘supersonic’ a few years ago when they visited Kruger National Park for the first time. Their adventures into the African bush unlocked something magical within them and now after a few more safaris, wildlife consumes most of their daily conversations and thoughts. With a further two trips to Kruger in the diary for 2020, their passion for nature has never been stronger.

Mandy Barker: INDEFINITE (from the Altered Ocean exhibition)

To view the full exhibition please visit: mandy-barker.com/indefinite-1​ 

Altered Ocean is a powerful exhibition that raises awareness about plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, highlighting the effects on marine life and ultimately ourselves.
Altered Ocean documents Barker’s visual journey as a photographic artist, combining science, with the issue of marine plastic pollution. Large-scale prints from her series: INDEFINITE, SOUP, SHOAL, Hong Kong Soup 1826, Penalty, and Beyond Drifting, provide an insight into her journey and connection with the issue over the past 10 years. Supporting sketchbooks and research notes connect the relationship between the practical work and the research that informs it. Plastic and scientific samples allow the visitor to engage fully with the current critical issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.

Barker demonstrates how she presents the recovered objects with the intention to engage the viewer through aesthetics, then to shock and disturb through text and information. The achievements in relation to this work show the power of photography to communicate, educate and inform, but above all it will further help to create awareness by altering human behaviour, and ultimately empower change.

For more information about Mandy Barker and her work, please see:  www.mandy-barker.com

Or visit: www.photopedagogy.com/altered-ocean.html 

An exhibition on loan from the Royal Photographic Society.

NHS Single-use Reduction Pledge              Polystyrene food container (1940 – 2020)

Disposable food takeaway box weighing approximately 7g and made from fossil fuels that were formed 360 to 286 million years ago. It has been suggested that its popularity was largely due to the rise of an American fast food chain. Its subsequent demise was due in part to David Attenborough and the iconic television show, Blue Planet II.

On average, the RUH purchased 180,000 of these items each year. After being used only once to carry food, they were thrown away as waste. They became completely extinct from the RUH’s Lansdown Restaurant in early 2020 after the organisation signed the NHS Single-use Reduction Pledge.

What is the single-use plastics reduction pledge?

It is a pledge which requires NHS trusts who sign up to commit to phasing out avoidable, single-use plastic items which are used in catering services and office spaces. This will happen in the following stages:

By April 2020, no longer purchase single-use plastic straws and stirrers.
By April 2021, no longer purchase single-use plastic cutlery, plates or single-use
cups made of expanded polystyrene or oxo-degradable plastics.
After April 2021, go beyond these commitments in reducing single-use plastic food
containers and other plastic cups for beverages – including covers and lids.

Have ideas of other places where we could remove single-use plastics or just want to talk sustainability? Email: ruh-tr.sustainabilityteam@nhs.net

“Using resources responsibly is fundamental to the sustainability of the Trust. We must ensure that we do not extract or pollute at a greater rate than nature can cope. To show our commitment, we have signed up to the Single-use plastics reduction pledge, launched by NHS England and NHS Improvement. This requires NHS trusts to commit to phase out avoidable single-use plastic items which are used in catering services and office spaces.

Altered Ocean helps to visualise the impact of plastics in society and collaborating on this helped to put this issue in to context for our staff, visitors and patients. We hope it will ignite creativity, encouraging people to find ways to make more sustainable choices throughout the day.”

Ruth McNab, RUH Sustainability Manager

This exhibit is a collaboration between the Sustainability Team and Art at the Heart of the RUH and supported by the Royal Photographic Society’s ‘INDEFINITE’ Altered Ocean.

International Images for Science Exhibition

This series  of astrological photographs is from the Royal Photographic Society’s International Images for Science Exhibition.

Over 2,300 images were submitted to the competition, of which just 100 were selected for exhibition by an expert panel. To make the grade, every picture has had to have a story to tell, but had to do so in a visually stunning way – a true meeting of art and science.

Good scientific images don’t have to be the result of a huge research grant and expensive equipment, and this year the exhibition has received many entries from younger photographers, students and researchers thanks to the support of Siemens PLC through The Curiosity Project.

From 20th January

Jane Gibson: Display Case

Retiring early from teaching, Jane went to Bath College for a foundation year and then to Bath Spa University where she achieved a BA(2.1) in 3D Design/Ceramics.

She then moved to Bradford on Avon where she ran an Art Gallery for 10years, she now works from the studio behind the gallery in her house. She exhibits mainly in the West of England, South Wales and in Spain.

Nearly all the work begins with a thrown cylinder or bowl of porcelain or white stoneware which is then distorted, changed and added to. It becomes a surface for painting and layers of bright coloured glazes are built up in abstract patterns with references to her travels and her enjoyment of landscape and gardens.

Jane says her newest work has gone a little crazy. She is making Mad Teapots with spots or stripes. These are functional but more for fun. All of them are glaze fired to 1260 degrees in an electric kiln. Some are then enhanced with touches of gold lustre.

All of these are made for amusement and Jane hopes you enjoy them.


BATH OPEN STUDIOS AT THE RUH www.bathopenstudios.co.uk

Artists and makers from five Bath Art Trails are showing works in our RUH Central Gallery from 1st October this autumn! Bath Open Studios (BOS) is proud to represent and promote all art and craft makers residing in the city. While fostering a greater awareness of the individual artist and allowing for each trail to retain its particular style, BOS is committed to supporting their practice and to raising the profile of art trails as a recognised outlet for the presentation of art and craft. Showing this selection in the hospital corridors is an exciting taste of the works which are created and available during the weekends of May or September each year.

Paintings, prints, photographs, ceramics and mosaic will be available to view, with a third of all sales going towards the Art at the Heart programme.

Smoked Dove, Yvonne Elston, Bear Flat Art Trail

Newton St Loe, Anne Hines, Newbridge Art Trail