Lunchtime Performances

The Soundbite Performance Programme brings a diverse range of live music to communal areas of the hospital and wards. We have been working with young musicians from Live Music Now (LMN) and musicians from the Bath Folk Club (generously funded by the Joyce Fletcher Charitable Trust) and Bath Spa University, as well as other local musicians.

Using feedback from the live musical performances it is evident that staff, patients and visitors appreciate listening to live music and it has been noted that the music helps calm nerves and anxiety for patients having treatment or visitors waiting for a relative.

Up-and-Coming Performances

13:00-13:30 Atrium or Lansdown Foyer

13:45-15:30 Older Patients Wards (either Combe, Cheselden, Midford, Waterhouse or ACE)

Friday 6th July 2018 – The Bingcows (Live Music Now)










Louis Bingham and David Insua-Cao first met in 2014 as members of a house band providing live music for a touring circus show. From this initial meeting (and long hours in the big top) grew an exciting collaboration between the two multi-instrumentalists, their diverse backgrounds combining with their common love of rhythm, melody, improvisation and fun to yield a unique, genre-defying duo.

Wednesday 25th July 2018 – Seb Gutiez and Charlotte Ostafew (Bath Folk Club)

Sebastian  Gutiez

A talented guitarist from the South of France, Seb’s sensitivity and tasteful delivery make him a sought after guitarist.

Charlotte Ostafew

Charlotte has sung and played alongside Seb in the Zen Hussies and trio Bartoune, playing their unique style of swing jazz for over 15 years all over the world.  She has also been taken up by BBC introducing and Jamie Cullum to play at the Montreal Jazz Festival with her brass band Dahkla.


Wednesday 1st August 2018 – Bath Aphasia Choir

Bath Aphasia Choir will be performing in the RUH Atrium for patients, staff and visitors.

*Photograph taken at a performance at Colston Hall, Bristol.






BATH FOLK FESTIVAL Monday 13th – Friday 17th August 2018

Monday 13th:  The Bookshop Band
Tuesday 14th: David Malkin & John Dipper
Wednesday 15th: Deuair
Thursday 16th: Alan Burke
Friday 17th: Matt Tyghe & Tad Sergant

We are thrilled to welcome back The Bath Folk Festival this summer. We have 4 new music acts performing as well as the return of the popular duo Deuair featuring Elsa Davies and Ceri Owen-Jones: fiddle, harp and two voices.

The Bookshop Band, Bath Folk Festival


Deuair, Bath Folk Festival




















To find out more about all the music acts we have performing at the RUH, visit the Bath Folk Festival website

8th/15th/22nd June 2018Josh Doughty: Live Music Now Palliative Care residency 

In June we are piloting a new music residency with the palliative care team. Live Music Now (LMN) musician Josh Doughty will spend 1 day a week for 3 consecutive weeks at the hospital. Playing the Kora, a West African Harp, Josh is able to combine the traditional rhythms of Mali with modern western influences creating self-composed pieces, responding to and improvising around the environment he is playing in. For this residency we will be working alongside the Palliative care team who will signpost patients to us who they think would benefit from a music performance. There is much research to show how music and particularly harp music can have a profound effect on patients nearing the end of their lives, providing comfort, promoting a calm and restful environment as well as bringing joy.

If you are a musician interested in performing at the RUH or have any other questions please contact Musician in Residence, Frankie Simpkins –