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Central Gallery (Zone B): FROM 20th January 2020

Alan Brook Photography



These photographs are a record of a year’s overland journey through Mexico (4½ months), Belize/Guatemala/El Salvador/Honduras/Nicaragua/Costa Rica/Panama (4 months), Colombia (2 months), and Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands (6 weeks).

Sue and Alan Brook who made this trip in a Land Rover with a roof-top tent both have reason to be grateful for excellent treatment received at the RUH, and are therefore very happy to support Art at the Heart.

The trip included the longest zip wire in South America over the Copper Canyon in Mexico, time spent with the Embera Indians in the Darian Gap (Accessed by a two day canoe journey) and many jungle shrouded Mayan ruins.

Being retired Sue and Alan are free to follow their dreams wherever they may take them.