Up-and-coming Exhibitions

CENTRAL GALLERY  20th October 2017 – 18th January 2018


RUH Staff & Volunteer Exhibition 2017 

Art at the Heart is the on-going arts programme for RUH Bath NHS Trust. Since 2001, the Art at the Heart programme has been working to improve patient well-being and the working lives of staff at the hospital by enhancing patient environments, boosting staff morale and providing opportunities for positive involvement.

With over 4,800 staff and volunteers at the RUH there is sure to be a great pool of artistic talent waiting to be revealed. Art at the Heart would like to support these abilities by encouraging staff and volunteers to share their work with other staff and members of the public in our Staff and Volunteer art exhibition 2017.

The exhibition will be held in the Central Gallery and will be open from 20th October 2017 – 18th January 2018 and will be seen by many of the thousands of patients, visitors and staff who pass through the RUH every day.

If you are an RUH Staff Member or Volunteer and would like to submit work for exhibition, please visit our Contact Us page for the Entry Guidelines and Submission Form.