Up-and-coming Exhibitions

Central Gallery (Zone B): 1st February – 28th April 2019

Show me the colour                                                                     

An exhibition from Marshfield Screenprinters 

This show is the first time that Sarah, Dominique, Kate and Elena will have exhibited as a group. Whilst their styles and themes differ greatly they all share a passion for using colour and print and this exhibition will celebrate both. All the exhibited works will be produced using printing techniques and will vary in price from £50 – £500.

All four artists are printmakers and met at Marshfield Screen Print, a small print studio just outside of Bath to produce many of the prints shown here. Kate and Sarah currently exclusively use Screenprinting to realise their work. Dominique, a member of Bath Artist Printmakers, predominantly works with Linocuts and Elena uses a wide range of techniques alongside Screenprinting such as Lithography and Etching.

Dominique Coiffait


Jason Dorley-Brown

Jason’s work has been influenced by his years in the photo industry and the wonderful people he has worked with. He has a passion for colour, symmetry, abstract and pop art along with using and mixing ‘old school’ and modern techniques to create imagery. Although all of his work has a photographic genesis, he considers himself an image maker as opposed to a photographer since 90% of his work has been manipulated in Photoshop.

Jason Dorley-Brown