Up-and-coming Exhibitions

CENTRAL GALLERY  20th June – 2nd August 2018

The RPS 160th International Photography Exhibition

This Exhibition consists of a variety of genres and styles of photography, with cutting-edge prints being shown alongside traditional work – from the artistic to documentary, from portraiture to natural history. It showcases up-and-coming and more established photographer’s work.

Gold Award: In This Place (series) Leah in the Backcourt, Margaret Mitchell (UK)













The RPS International Photography Exhibition (formerly International Print Exhibition) has been held since 1854 and has included work from some of the world’s most eminent photographers.

Pigment 1 by Andrea Zvadova

Now in its 160th year, it is the longest running exhibition of its kind. Entries are submitted from an international open call and are initially shortlisted digitally before the final selection made from prints provided by the shortlisted photographers. The exhibition travels to photo festivals and traditional gallery spaces ensuring it engages with a wide public audience.

The Royal Photographic Society is the foremost Photographic Society in the world, with a rich and diverse heritage. It was founded in 1853 when photography was in its infancy, and has been a leading force in its advancement ever since.