South Gallery

The South Gallery is situated in Zone C on the Ground Floor along the corridor that leads to the Lansdown Restaurant.

From 1st October 2018

Patrick Hallissey

Patrick aims for a sense of fun in his paintings, playing around with different concepts.

He often references ideas from other artists, films and black and white photographs. For example, using images from Wild West movies to create a new narrative in which cowboys with sombreros ride on swing boats. Or reimagining early cycling races, inspired by flickering old film footage.

The work in this exhibition dates from 2014 – 2018, and is created using oil or acrylic paint on canvas, paper or plywood.

2018 Exhibitions

ARTeology Exhibition: Lacock Manger Barn

BSA Annual Open Exhibition: Victoria Art Gallery, Bath

Affordable Art Exhibition: Trowbridge Museum

Monday Group Art Exhibition: West Barn, Bradford on Avon

Pavilion of Painting: Fringe Arts, Bath

Trowbridge Art Open: Trowbridge Town Hall