South Gallery

The South Gallery is situated in Zone C on the Ground Floor along the corridor that leads to the Lansdown Restaurant.


Offering moments of calm within the dynamic environment of the hospital, and celebrating the positive effects of art on health and wellbeing, PAUSE promotes the ethos of Art at the Heart of the Royal United Hospital.

Donkey by Jen Jenkins

The title of the exhibition reflects its overarching goal: to provide the viewer with an opportunity to ground themselves in the present moment before continuing on with their day. In 2006, research undertaken by the Department of Health Working Group on Arts and Health concluded that art not only enhances a hospital’s environment and its overall experience, but provides a better opportunity for improved health and wellbeing. While this study primarily focused on the experience of the patients, PAUSE welcomes patients, staff and visitors alike to enjoy the artwork on display.

PAUSE’s contributing artists are professional artists and designers, students, or practice art in their free time, offering a stimulating dialogue between established artists and those about to make their mark. Many of these artists also share a personal connection to the hospital, either by living in the local area, having visited loved ones, or being treated here themselves. Therefore, these works give back to the hospital community, contributing to the atmosphere of healing, comfort and optimism. Each artist has interpreted the theme of ‘pause’ through their own unique approach, informed by a variety of styles and disciplines, ranging from painting, illustration, print, photography and graphic design.

No rainbow without rain by Bridie Fry

Reclining by Flora Nesbit