Central Gallery

The Central Gallery is situated in Zone B on the Ground Floor, left and right of the main atrium.

21st July – 12th October 2017

Bath Open Studios at the RUH

Slate by Elizabeth Carson

Biding Time by Ann Hines







A selection of pieces will be on show in the corridors of the Royal United Hospital this summer showcasing some of the eclectic range of art and craft that is made across the city.

Brought together by Bath Open Studios (BOS) in collaboration with the Art at the Heart Team at the RUH, around 100 works will be on display including paintings, prints, mosaics and photography as well as ceramics, glass work and felt.  As well as works from the 4 art groups that have had annual trails in May for some years now, this show includes works from Combe Down who are opening their studio doors for the first time this year over the weekend of 9th and 10th of September.

BOS is proud to represent and promote all art and craft makers residing in the city. It is committed to supporting their practice and to raising the profile of art trails as a recognised outlet for the presentation of art and craft. BOS fosters a greater awareness of the individual artist while allowing for each of the 4 trails to retain its particular style. Showing this selection in the hospital corridors is an exciting taste of the works which (as well as Combe Down this Autumn) will be available in homes and studios during may next year when there will be a warm welcome to all.


BATH ARTISTS’ STUDIOS 12X12 Silent Auction

RUH Central Gallery:  21 July  –  20 September 2017

At Bath Artists’ Studios:  22 – 24 September

City Lights by Charlotte Moore

For the second year, Bath Artists’ Studios and Art At The Heart are collaborating to hold a ‘silent auction’ of donated works by studio members.  The artworks which will consist of a series of specially produced pieces on 12”x12” panels demonstrate the diversity of creative talent in Bath’s visual arts community.

Members of the public will be able to bid for work whilst it is on display at the RUH and at Bath Artists’ Studios where they will be exhibited during Open Studios Weekend at the end of September.

For the first time, images of the works will be available in greetings card format from Love From The Artist (www.lovefromtheartist.com).

All proceeds of funds raised through this project will be dedicated to the work of our two organisations.

A reserve price of £75 will be applied to ‘one off artworks’ and £35 for editioned pieced (photography and print).

View all the artworks via our flickr gallery album by clicking on the image below by Sarah Kniveton:

Bath Artists' Studios Silent Auction 2017

Silent Auction Bidding 

Bids can be made during the exhibition up until the Bath Artists’ Studios Open Weekend (22nd-24th September) where the winners will be announced.

If you would like to bid for a work, please complete one of the forms on display in the Central Gallery and post in the box provided or simply fill out the form below:


Please see table below for highest bids so far! (*Note this will next be updated on 30th August 2017)

XX BAS Mary Caron-Courtney £75
Four Elements Beverley Ferguson £75 £80
Untitled Sally Bennett £75
Blue Vase Carrie Hill £75
Summer Chris Hill £75 £135
Layer (Black) Ellie Mawby £75
Cloud Island Ryszard Sliwka £75
Light Despite Darkness Rita Lazaro £75
City Lights Charlotte Moore £75
Love/Hate David Cobley £75
For The Leaves Were Full of Children Poppy James £75
Detail of an Isolated Island Louis Hawkins £75
Blossom Ben Hughes £75
Another Mix Up Felicity Bowers £75
Swallowtail Sarah Kniveton £75 £75
Dreaming of Matisse Victoria Topping £75
Roses and Honesty Georgia Cox £75 £200
Counterbalance Matthew Watts £75 £75
Space Mary-Jane Evans £75 £125
Monument Topographies Fay Stevens £75
Geometric I Jez Truelove £35
Sea Peter Stone £35 £65
Sand Peter Stone £35 £60
Sky Peter Stone £35
Reflections Lavinia Orsolini £75
Leaning Figure 1 Sue Larner £75
Leaning Figure 2 Sue Larner £75
Whale Andrea Wright £75
Drawing for Bengal-Pound Intervention Richard Crooks £75
Still Waters Lindy Wright £75 £80
Kabm Pemp Chris Lethbridge £75
Cùnla Chris Lethbridge £75