Central Gallery

The Central Gallery is situated in Zone B on the Ground Floor, left and right of the main atrium.

5th May – 12th July 2017



South West Illustrators is a group of illustration artists based in the South West, mostly from the Bath and Bristol area.  The group celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, having been set up in the olden days, when everything was still largely in black and white and people used fax machines.

Illustration by Richard Deverell

The purpose of the group was to bring illustrators together, to share their ideas, give advice, discuss techniques, pass on information, and just to see a face and hear a voice ! –  it could be quite a lonely and isolated existence before the  invention of the internet and all its myriad ways of communicating and keeping in touch.

Over the years the internet has impacted very much on our ‘industry’ – for good and bad  –  but at least it has made it easy for the group to keep in contact with each other  –  and we definitely know we are NOT the only ones doing illustration now!!

As our name is abbreviated to SWIll,  we adopted the image of a pig as a sort of mascot/logo       ( pig swill !).

Illustration by Penny Ives

The pig is also relevant with our connection to Bath  –  Bladud’s Pigs of legend/history.

In the C9th, King Bladud,  suffering  from leprosy contracted abroad,  left his court in disguise as a swineherd. His unfortunate pigs contracted the disease also.  However, their luck changed when they were driven,  in search of acorns, towards what we now know as the city of Bath.  Here the pigs wallowed in the muddiness of the hot springs,  and were healed.  Bladud,  on seeing this miracle,  promptly wallowed in the hot mud too,  and was also cured.  Oink!!

A small part of our show will reflect this  piggy connection.

There should be something for everyone to enjoy, and hopefully bring cheer, whatever their reason for being at the RUH.  The works radiate humour,  depict nature,  are eccentric, fantastic, charming and whimsical, and magic!!

The illustrations are in media ranging from traditional watercolour and pen and ink, to collage and digital works.



The Landscape Collective UK (LCUK) was conceived in 2014 by a group of well established landscape photographers based in and around the South West of England. The aim of the group was quite simple – to meet once every two months to socialise and discuss their work either in print or book form. Since its conception the group has grown to approximately 18 members and includes some of the most talented professional and amateur landscape photographers currently working in the UK. They even have the recipient of the 2015 Landscape Photographer of the Year! This will be LCUK’s second exhibition in Bath and they look forward to replicating the success they had in 2015.

Egypt Woods – Paul Mitchell


Susan Brown Photography








31ST MARCH – 12TH JULY 2017


Art at the Heart are excited to have the opportunity to be presenting a broad selection of the works that are included in the short run book Find another Bath, originally launched at an exhibition at 44AD last November.

Created by Anna Kot and Carlos Ordenez, and in association with Fringe arts Bath (FaB), Find another Bath is primarily an art book showcasing the creative talents of some 40 local artists and writers. But the book also draws attention to various aspects of Bath’s history which are often forgotten or ignored and which compare sharply with the wealth and grandeur that is more commonly promoted.

This exciting and diverse collection of works celebrates some of Bath’s industrial history and honours the labour force that enabled this industry; highlighting the conditions they lived and worked in and contrasting it with the sectors of the city where there was freedom of choice and money to spend.

It promises to be a thought provoking but vibrant display in the Central Gallery. The show includes 3d work, stills from a video, and a link to an especially composed piece of music as well as photography, painting and print.

Untitled (Terrace 3) by Anya Beaumont

Octagon Chapel by Charlotte Moore










(A composition for trumpet and backing track which reflects the attempted textile riots in Bath during the Luddite Rebellion of 1811 – 1816.) 



(Subtitles appearing in the video are extracts from one of William Beckford’s first novels, Vathek (1786). Bath’s Beckford’s Tower and Landsdown Cemetery are visually obstructed yet metaphorically opened by words and empty pages.)