Central Gallery

The Central Gallery is situated in Zone B on the Ground Floor, left and right of the main atrium.


SHOW ME THE COLOUR                                                                     

An exhibition from Marshfield Screenprinters 

This show is the first time that Sarah Targett, Dominique Coiffait, Kate Clark and Elena Zitrone will have exhibited as a group. Whilst their styles and themes differ greatly they all share a passion for using colour and print and this exhibition will celebrate both. All the exhibited works will be produced using printing techniques and will vary in price from £50 – £500.

All four artists are printmakers and met at Marshfield Screen Print, a small print studio just outside of Bath to produce many of the prints shown here. Kate and Sarah currently exclusively use Screenprinting to realise their work. Dominique, a member of Bath Artist Printmakers, predominantly works with Linocuts and Elena uses a wide range of techniques alongside Screenprinting such as Lithography and Etching.

Elena Zitrone

Dominique Coiffait











Sarah Targett


















Jason’s work has been influenced by his years in the photo industry and the wonderful people he has worked with. He has a passion for colour, symmetry, abstract and pop art along with using and mixing ‘old school’ and modern techniques to create imagery. Although all of his work has a photographic genesis, he considers himself an image maker as opposed to a photographer since 90% of his work has been manipulated in Photoshop.


















Art at the Heart of the RUH, 44AD and research academics at the University of Bath unique partnership project – River is the Venue (RiV) combines water science, art and information technologies. Funded by the Public Engagement Unit of the University of Bath and led by a team of researchers and art professionals, RiV has contributed a fresh and exciting perspective on the water heritage of the historic City of Bath.

The RiV exhibition will be shown in the RUH Central Gallery from 4th December 2018 – 31st January 2019 and showcases community workshops and events that have taken place during the project. RiV has enabled local artists to communicate the flood history of the River Avon of the City of Bath through art installations, a sound piece, puppetry performance and participatory art workshops for communities in Bath. This range of evidence-based, flood inspired artworks produced throughout the project will engage RUH Bath patients, visitors and staff on stories of the great flood of 1968 but also show the river as an asset for the City of Bath and as a core element of its social history.

Image: RiV Artwork produced in community workshops with Artist, Edwina Bridgeman, photograph taken by Rob Cooper, University of Bath