We regret to say that due to COVID-19 we will be postponing our Participatory Art workshops for everyone’s safety.

We are looking forward to continuing our art programme and participatory projects for patients, staff and visitors as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Artsparks is generously funded by Friends of the RUH

Artsparks was established in 2008 and led by Artist in Residence, Edwina Bridgeman who brought a series of regular creative workshops to young patients on the Children’s Ward. The workshops take place both in the playroom and by patient bed sides. The intention is to allow children to enjoy the freedom to produce their own artwork in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental setting.

Lead Artist – Edwina Bridgeman

Edwina Bridgeman started art workshops on the Children’s ward in 2006; she uses a variety of materials from the scrap store as well as recycled materials in her workshops. She describes her Artsparks sessions as very open, no right or wrong. She likes the children to have ownership of the work and to be able […]

Visiting Artist – Charlotte Stowell

Charlotte Stowell works primarily with fimo modelling clay, in assorted colours. The material is very tactile and using a variety of moulds and cutters, children can create three dimensional models as well as simple, flat designs. Shapes can be embellished with different patterns and details, making decorations and small plaques with lettering, mixing colours together […]

Artsparks Image Gallery

Browse through our flickr Artsparks Image Gallery to see the range of projects and art work produced on the RUH Children’s ward. ARTSPARKS WITH LEAD ARTIST, EDWINA BRIDGEMAN A selection from 2019 Artparks with Visiting Artist, Charlotte Stowell January – April 2019 ARTSPARKS WITH VISITING ARTIST, EDWINA BRIDGEMAN August, September & October 2018 ARTSPARKS WITH […]


Artsparks is generously funded by Friends of the RUH and a budget to source high quality art materials is made possible through a grant from Bath Decorative and Fine Art Society (NADFAS). “The Friends of the RUH provide amenities and comforts for patients and relatives which could not otherwise be provided by the NHS. This includes having […]