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Art at the Heart supports the RUH Bath with an award winning art and design programme that stimulates healing and well-being and creates an uplifting environment for patients, visitors and staff.

We embrace the non-institutional, patient-centred and art-rich approach, reaching on average 200,000 people per year through exhibitions, workshops, performances and design.

“We visited the hospital at the weekend in connection with a visit to the MRI unit. At a stressful time it was really lovely to be greeted by the fantastic art on the bottom corridor. On the way out we took some time to have a good look at it.

Well done!”


“On another note can I just add that I have been working at the RUH for the past few months it’s been a pleasure to look at the art work around the hospital – I feel very lucky walking to work through an ‘art gallery’ at the start and end of a shift there is something very soothing about it! It’s also a great distraction!”

Staff Member