Flights of Fancy

Flights of Fancy is an exhibition by five local print makers who all make original prints using a variety of techniques.

POLLY GOUGH – is an artist printmaker specialising in collagraphs, inspired by her love of animals, myths and stories. Underpinning her work is a passion for experimentation and colour which finds expression in this versatile and exciting medium.

SARAH TARGETT – studied Fine Art (Printmaking) at Falmouth College of Arts and currently concentrates on making narrative based Screenprints at Marshfield Screenprint where she is the Technician. She enjoys the possibilities that the technique offers. Motivation comes from the ordinary and everyday and the work is based around something observed, overheard or read.

DOMINIQUE COIFFAIT – despite an exotic sounding name Dominique was born in Hull [with a French father]. He grew up in Yorkshire and studied textile design at Glasgow School of Art and then in London at the Royal College of Art. Dominique worked as a textile designer for 25 years, traveling all around the world selling fashion people the latest, hottest, must have design trends, all the way from London.

TANYA REID is a graphic designer and has been Screenprinting since 2017. More recently she has been focused on printing the landscapes of her favourite cities. By taking photographs she is able to capture the image in real time and then translate it into a handcrafted print.

KATE BERNSTEIN – is a printmaker who specialises in screenprint and the creation of artists books, both unique and editioned. Bernstein responds to historical artworks, books and events with a contemporary methodology and approach. An MA in printmaking and training in the traditional skills of bookbinding provide a firm base from which to select the appropriate form and materials for each book and to mix conventional and contemporary binding practices.