Engaged: An exhibition of Multi-disciplinary Printmaking exploring 21st century methodologies

A diverse exhibition of thought provoking experiential prints underpinned by theoretical research.  This group of Artists, working innovatively through the Covid-19 lockdown, recently graduated in MA Multidisciplinary Printmaking at UWE, Bristol.

This course is best known for its experimental, forward-thinking approach to printmaking today and the future of the printed artefact. With a focus on critical thinking and making, students explore and experiment with a diverse mix of traditional and emerging fine art printmaking media and are challenged to think what constitutes a print in the 21st century.

Exhibitors: Kate Fraser, Sally Gaden, Jennifer Gathercole, Ros Jarman, Josie Martin, Emma Studd

Kate Fraser’s work, taking as its theme the lost and neglected structures of urban landscape and edgelands territory, explores the accidental poetry of the commonplace.

Sally Gaden researches how the myth of the ‘rural idyll’ is reflected by object, imprint and ephemera? This investigation is shown through prints and 3 dimensional casts.

Jennifer Gathercole’s work explores partially occluded, or discarded family narratives often associated with loss and trauma. She takes a multifaceted approach deploying printmaking and textiles, alongside text and audio recordings of fragments of testimony.

Ros Jarman is inspired by found images of performers from the past. In her drawn, printed and collaged pieces, these performers take on new life and a narrative that is forged with her own experience and memory.

Josie Martin’s art comes from an affinity with raw organic materials found in the natural world, and the intuitive process of making.

Emma Studd is inspired by geometry and through the process of screen print creates depth and illusion within her original one-off pieces. She explores the relationship between colour, shape and pattern and allows the process to define the outcome.