We are proud to announce that the expertise and knowledge of our Art team is expanding its role and providing services across the wider community, including a contract to provide exhibitions at CircleBath twice a year.

Exhibition From 13th June 2018

The Art of the Circle

Howard Jeffs

Howard Jeffs’ prints are all based on the Circle as a fixed powerful shape. Within the shape he has created organic shapes and colours that might elude to the natural world. Natural circles refer to our sun and moon and have always been observed in our history. These simple elements in these prints though abstract might be found in the natural world.

Stephen Magrath








Kirsten Murphy

Stephen Magrath’s circular works explore simultaneous movement and stillness, allowing the viewer to experience flow or flux and also enjoy the practice of meditation or mindfulness.


Experiencing the immense beauty and sheer power of Iceland’s natural elements, made Kirsten Murphy contemplate a time before man. She found this numinous thinking very peaceful. It is nature’s resilience and power that is the inspiration behind her selection of images.


6th November 2017 – End of April 2018

Liane Stevenson

Liane studied Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic, and she has continued to experiment in a variety of artistic media since graduating.

Liane specialises in collage and mixed media which allows her to express the rhythms and pattern she is looking for in her subject matter. She also enjoys working in charcoal, oils and acrylics.

Within her landscapes, she is hoping to show a less traditional  representation of her chosen view, but still give a feeling of the actual location. She enjoys using pattern to describe her view of the world.

In Liane’s studies of the animal kingdom, she hopes to celebrate the  diversity and beauty of the natural world, and hopefully share her pleasure in attempting to express and preserve them.






All works are for sale with a third of the sale price donated to the RUH Arts Fund, helping to improve the hospital environment for patients, visitors and staff!