Visiting Artists

Artsparks is generously funded by St John’s and a budget to source high quality art materials is made possible through a grant from NADFAS.

In 2018, we have had 3 visiting artists delivering workshops on the Children’s ward. Artist Mary Chamberlain worked on a number of projects on the Children’s ward with the theme ‘My Big Planet Earth’ from October 2017 – April 2018.

We are thrilled to now have two visiting artists Edwina Bridgeman and Charlotte Stowell delivering creative workshops alternately, with one day of workshops on the Children’s Ward and one day on the Older Patients (OPU) wards every week.

Happy Hospital Monster made by patients with Visiting Artist, Edwina Bridgeman

Edwina Bridgeman uses a variety of materials from the scrap store as well as recycled materials in her workshops. She describes her Artsparks sessions as very open, no right or wrong. She likes the children to have ownership of the work and to be able to experiment with the materials.

Charlotte Stowell works primarily with fimo modelling clay, in assorted colours. The material is very tactile and using a variety of moulds and cutters, children can create three dimensional models as well as simple, flat designs.


Daisy model made by a patient with Visiting Artist, Charlotte Stowell



Workshop Feedback:

“More artists like this. Range was great and really enjoyed myself.”

“As the parent, I’ve really really appreciated the input Charlotte has given my daughter. It has been a distraction from the looming surgery.”