Lead Artist – Edwina Bridgeman

Edwina Bridgeman started art workshops on the Children’s ward in 2006; she uses a variety of materials from the scrap store as well as recycled materials in her workshops.

She describes her Artsparks sessions as very open, no right or wrong. She likes the children to have ownership of the work and to be able to experiment with the materials.

Participants get involved in collaborative work as well as individual artwork, spraying fabric, using wallpaper and pattern books, stickers and pens. Children are proud of their creations and become absorbed in the making. Edwina says she is always delighted at the friendships made in hospital. Mutual support between children and families is very evident.

In one of Edwina’s workshops, participants spent time drawing on felt and they transformed their drawings by sewing them in to 3D objects. These objects have now become comforters. The ward is a place where young people do not have the same peer pressure as at school and it is valuable for them to have the opportunity to make and play with freedom.

Please click on the image below to see a flickr image gallery of works created in Artsparks sessions with Artist, Edwina Bridgeman:

Artsparks with Edwina Bridgeman