Artist in Residence

Edwina Bridgeman Head ShotEdwina Bridgeman’s role as artist in residence on the Children’s ward is very varied. No two days are ever the same and she responds to what is needed. Her work is always patient led.

Edwina is based in the playroom, a lovely and for some an unexpected place on the ward. She works closely with the play team and around 8.30am they will have a handover for the day and assess where there is the most need for interaction and creative activity.

Edwina always arrives with large bags of materials which are set up in the playroom and the invitation is to come and explore. She uses good quality art materials plus lots of recycled material from Bristol’s scrap store. Children and their families or carers often work together producing both two and three dimensional work. Sometimes they work on projects with specific outcomes but there is always room within them to follow patients’ ideas and interests.

Some children are unable to visit the playroom so Edwina will take materials to them in bed. She will create space at the bedside to paint, draw and make. On occasions, for children experiencing a longer stay in hospital, the play team has turned side rooms into mini studios where Edwina is able to leave materials.

Having the opportunity to work creatively in hospital is hugely beneficial for both young and older patients; it is normalising and at times a welcome distraction from some of the more difficult aspects of a hospital stay.